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    • “Subject: 2017 Historic Tour Race Sponsorship M van Rooyen
    • Hugo and Andries,I would like to thank you for your support and sponsorship of my 2017 Historic Tour, your sponsorship is greatly appreciated and contributed to the success of our class win ( Grand Central ) in the SKF Pre 66 Little Giant League on the 4th of March at the Zwartkops Historic racing event.
      • My Dad drove the Alpine up on Friday morning and I followed after with my car. At the drivers briefing we were recognised as race cars are generally not road legal or meant to travel long distances. I entered the Little Giant league and raced the GC class, overall we took a win in the class.
      • The classes are as follows A,B,C,G.  G is for cars 1950-1962. Cut of times are as follows 1:20, 1:23, 1:25, 1:28. We have some work to do, brakes and dyno, I feel that I can do a 1:25 realistically this year as this is our 2nd race only.
      • We have been sponsored a bigger block and crank from the Sunbeam club which we will build for next year and should give us 30 – 40HP more, that could put us in the A class next year.
        1 26 G Mark van Rooyen Bay Drive Trading 1755 1960 Sunbeam Alpine 0:01.953 8 01:27.638 01:27.723 11:54.347
        2 912 G Clive Winterstein Casheri Restorations 1765 1957 Porsche 356A 7 01:32.317 01:32.952 10:58.2829
        3 57 G Terrence Tracey Scrooge Restaurants 1174 1964 Ginetta G15 0:01.314 7 01:28.152 01:29.378 10:59.5969

        We also entered the 1st heat of the Historic pursuit racing for fun to maximise television coverage. I will let you know on the broadcasting times as soon as I have them.

        Next race Kyalami 22 April.

        Thank you.

        Kind Regards,

        Mark van Rooyen

        Electrical Design Draughtsman – Engineering, EDS

        Richards Bay Minerals

        Rio Tinto